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Remix is open!

And an awesome anonymous person wrote Standstill (The Wheels on the Bus Remix) for me, and I absolutely love it! It's so much more deeper and layered than the original, with interesting new undertones running through it. It totally made me think, and recaptured the emotions of that intense season finale. I love it!

As for my remix, I...defaulted this year. Yeah, I know... I haven't written anything in almost a year so I have no idea why I thought I would have been able to crank out a story for this. I wish I could have though. I owe a lot to the still-anonymous pinch-hitter who came through and provided my remixee with a story. You probably won't get to read this, but thank you!!


Dear Remixer,

Feel free to take any story of mine and run with it! I will love anything you create. :)


a poem

Apologies for posting twice but I found this scribbled on a scrap of paper while cleaning out my desk and had to share. It's from a book of diary entries by Sylvia Plath I found one day in the library a couple of semesters ago. She had copied it into her diary.

Aubade, by Louis Macneice

Having bitten on life like a sharp apple
Or, playing it like a fish, been happy,

Having felt with fingers that the sky is blue
What have we after that to look forward to?

Not the twilight of the gods but a precise dawn
Of sallow and grey bricks, and newsboys crying war.

I love that line about playing life like a fish.


story of my life

So I'm going home for a couple of weeks before school starts and I made a list of the things I need to pack. For a good ten minutes, this was all I had on it:

important work-related documents

.....the really sad part is that it's probably a pretty accurate summary of what my summer has been like.

In other news, OMG school is starting in two weeks! How did this happen? I feel like every year I find myself baffled--completely baffled--by how quickly the summer disappears. *weeps*


Remix Reveal!

It turns out that hannahrorlove was the one who wrote the gorgeous remix for my fic, The Anatomy of Sound. I'm still in awe at how beautiful her writing is, and her idea to transfer the metaphors from touch to sound was such an interesting and unique way to remix. Awesome!

As for me, I remixed mer_duff's beautiful fic Down the Shore. I loved everything about it, from the way she showed the bond between Peter and James, the way she showed the easy, carefree nature of their past summer days, with the subtle hint of loss that would follow them later in life, to the way she described the weight of James' grief at the end. I switched around the chronology in Nothin' Else Matters in this Whole Wide World (the Jersey Shore Remix) and tried to represent the bond between the brothers as well as she did.

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